Alexandre Blais - 2024 NHL Draft Prospect Profile - The Hockey Writers NHL Entry Draft Latest News, Analysis & More (2024)

by Jordan Orth

Alexandre Blais

2023-24 Team: Rimouski Oceanic (QMJHL)
Date of Birth: Nov. 14, 2005
Place of Birth: Longueuil, QC, CAN
Ht: 5-foot-10 Wt: 152 pounds
Shoots: Left
Position: Center
NHL Draft Eligibility: 2024 first-year eligible


  • NHL Central Scouting: 81st (among NA skaters)
  • Baracchini’s Final Rankings (THW): 114th
  • Forbes’ Top 100 (THW): 99th
  • Horn’s Top 100 (THW): 75th

Normally when watching a hockey game, players who immediately stand out to a fan are those who are the tallest on the ice and gleam with a physical presence. Well, Alexandre Blais is the complete opposite of that. While he does stand at 5-foot-10, he is one of, if not the smallest players on the ice each time he plays, weighing 152 pounds. He has not let that stop him from being one of the Quebec Maritimes Junior Hockey League’s (QMJHL) most complete playmakers and point-scorers.

Alexandre Blais - 2024 NHL Draft Prospect Profile - The Hockey Writers NHL Entry Draft Latest News, Analysis & More (1)

In his second full season with the Oceanic, Blais took his offensive game to another level, fully showcasing his elite playmaking skills with the puck. Whether it be the fact he can use his vision and IQ to his advantage and draw opponents to him and open lanes up for his teammates, or his high-level passing ability, he has shown he is one of the better playmakers in the 2024 Draft class. Where his offensive game starts though is with his elite skating skills. He is able to keep his opponents guessing on what he is going to do with the puck thanks in large part to his superb edgework and shiftiness on his feet.

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While his playmaking abilities have been on full display, an area where his offensive game does lack periodically comes in the form of the consistency he shows with his shot. Even with scoring 24 goals this season, Blais does have the capability of becoming more of a threat as a shooter if he can continue to improve his shot and the consistency of it. Defensively, he is not a player who will stick out in a massive way but does have the IQ and vision to not be a liability in his own zone. What puts him at a disadvantage as a defender is his size. With only weighing 152 pounds, he gets knocked around a bit and does not necessarily get involved a ton in the physical aspect of the game. Adding more muscle and weight to his frame will end up going a long way toward Blais making more of an impact at the next level.

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Alexandre Blais – NHL Draft Projection

While being a high-level playmaker, there are a few factors that are going to limit Blais from being a first or second-round pick this year, including his size. It is more likely than not that he will end up hearing his name being called in either the latter part of the third round or early on in the fourth round.


“The pure playmaker waits out for defenders before sending the puck, changes angles on his edges, winning as much time and space as possible. He regularly executes zone passes, putting the disc at his teammates’ reach and preventing it from being intercepted when the lane’s covered. Agile and shifty, he owns quick-twitch hands and a brain that processes as fast.” – Joey Fortin Boulay, FCHockey

“There is very little physicality to his game and is easily ridden of the puck. Rarely engages in puck battles, because he will lose them. For his size, he is an average skater who doesn’t have a breakaway gear. What he does possess is high end vision and instincts and soft hands that can feather saucer passes into traffic with both sides of his sick blade. He can draw coverage to him that extra second to make space for his intended receiver.” – Bill Placzek,


  • As an offensive player, Blais plays at a high level as a playmaker thanks to his strong skating, stick handling and vision with the puck.
  • Great passing ability helps make him a threat to pull off some stellar passes in both the neutral and offensive zones of the ice.
  • He brings strong energy to the lineup and can slip around opponents at times due to being on the smaller side.
  • Has the patience and skills with the puck on his stick to handle “quarterback” duties on a powerplay unit if asked to do so.
  • He has a strong hockey IQ at both ends of the ice.

Under Construction – Improvements to Make

  • Sitting at the size he does currently has put him at a disadvantage at times on the ice, and he will need to continue adding weight and muscle to his frame to help him play a productive role at the next level.
  • In the offensive zone, he tends to try and do too much with the puck instead of taking what is given to him. Gaining a sense of knowing when and where to try and make the “extra move” could help take his game to another level.
  • His shot is viewed as an inconsistent aspect of his game. If he can work on it, he could end up becoming an absolute force in the offensive zone.

NHL Potential

If Blais can work on his weight and muscle mass along with making the improvements to his game that are outlined above, there is a strong chance he could end up becoming a middle to bottom-six forward who can add some secondary offense to an NHL lineup at some point. He has shown the ability to man the power play for Rimouski this season (second unit) and could end up being an option to do so at the next level.

Risk-Reward Analysis

Risk: 3/5, Reward: 4/5

Fantasy Hockey Potential

Offense: 6.5/10, Defense: 4/10


Blais’ strong draft year led to him being invited to the 2024 CHL/NHL Top Prospects Game.

Alexandre Blais Statistics


Alexandre Blais stayed hot by netting his second hat trick of the season two weeks ago! 🎩 #Videotron | #HatTrick

— QMJHL (@QMJHL) January 26, 2024

Alexandre Blais' (No. 22) 22 points leads not only his Rimouski Oceanic, but all QMJHL 2024 draft eligibles through October. The next closest scorer on Rimouski has 14 points. Impressive start for a player that was given a 'W' grade by Central Scouting.#2024NHLDraft

— Kyle Cushman (@Kyle_Cush) November 1, 2023

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Alexandre Blais - 2024 NHL Draft Prospect Profile - The Hockey Writers NHL Entry Draft Latest News, Analysis & More (3)
Alexandre Blais - 2024 NHL Draft Prospect Profile - The Hockey Writers NHL Entry Draft Latest News, Analysis & More (2024)
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