Easiest jobs to find in Germany (2024)

German companies are on the lookout for qualified men and women from outside the country to fill the skills gap and revive their industry. If you are looking for a job opportunity here, then the easiest jobs you can find in Germany are the ones that are in demand.

According to a study published in February this year by the German operational foundation, Bertelsmann Stiftung, the country will need at least 146,000 migrants from non-EU countries till 2060 to close the skills gap and solve the labor shortage problem.

The study also states that the demand for skilled labor cannot be met by the local population. The large size, stable growth and the structural changes in the German economy are creating hundreds of jobs every year. The problem is the local talent to fill these positions is scarce. Germany also has an aging population and by 2025 four million Germans are expected to retire. This means more work opportunities for foreigners.

Here are details of the jobs that are in demand and sectors that are facing a skills shortage.

Top job openings in Germany:

  • Software developers, architects, programmers
  • Electronics engineers
  • IT consultants, IT analysts
  • Nurses
  • Business managers
  • Account managers
  • Production assistants
  • Sales managers, representatives
  • Product managers
  • Architects
  • Civil engineers

Industries with the maximum job opportunities:

  • Automotive sector
  • Mechanical sector
  • Healthcare
  • Electrical and electronics industry
  • IT and telecommunications
  • Consumer and service industries
  • Building and construction sector
Professions in demand

Doctors: There is a strong requirement for doctors especially in the rural sector whether in private practice or government clinics. The German healthcare system requires more than 5000 physicians to meet the shortage of doctors. You can receive your license from the state to practice in Germany even if you have a foreign degree. The only requirement is your degree must be considered equivalent to a German medical degree.

Nurses: There is a shortage of nurses in hospitals and elderly care facilities. With an aging population, the demand will only increase. Germany may require more than 150,000 nursing professionals during the next ten years. If you are trained as a qualified nurse and your degree is recognized, then you can find a job here. You will need a medical fitness certificate and knowledge of German at B2 or B1 level.

Engineers: There is a demand for engineers in various sectors. The sector offers good career opportunities and competitive salaries. If your engineering degree is equivalent to a German qualification, then you will have plenty of job opportunities.

Scientists and software engineers: STEM graduates can find research and development jobs in government and private research firms. There is also a huge demand for software engineers. STEM graduates can approach the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) to check if their degree is equivalent to German educational qualifications.

Germany is an attractive option for those seeking a career overseas because it ranks as the 8th most livable country in the world with its high quality of life index and ranks 7th in the Gender Equality Index among nations.

Easiest jobs to find in Germany (2024)
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