Jordan Hall 247 Crystal Ball (2024)

1. Jordan Hall's Crystal Ball Predictions - 247 Sports

  • *Lead Expert predictions are 75 percent of the Crystal Ball confidence score, with other experts combining for 25 percent. Lead Experts; 2023 Accuracy ...

2. Jordan Hall's Crystal Ball Predictions - 247 Sports

  • Crystal Ball for Jordan Hall · LB · 6-3 · 235. High School Michigan State; Home Town East Lansing ...

3. Jordan Hall 2023 Defensive Tackle Georgia -

  • Missing: crystal | Show results with:crystal

  • Jordan Hall - 5 Star Defensive tackle for Georgia on UGASports

4. Jordan Hall - 2024 - Football - University of Georgia Athletics

5. Michigan State football picks up 3 more crystal ball predictions

  • Dec 18, 2023 · The linebacker position is precariously thin, as there is no assured third linebacker behind Jordan Hall and Cal Haladay. Brule is out of ...

  • Michigan State football and the recruiting staff are having a great night. Alongside two commits, three more players are trending to MSU.

6. Ohio State football recruiting four-star DT, makes top five of two high four ...

7. Tom Loy (@TomLoy247) / X

  • National College Football Recruiting Analyst / / Signed with ... Jordan Scruggs and 9 others. 3. 23. 63 ... 247-cb-trystan-haynes-in-depth-on- ...

  • Something went wrong, but don’t fret — let’s give it another shot.

8. Florida Football Recruiting: Desmond Ricks, Jordan Hall, Aaron Gates

  • Dec 3, 2022 · Hall currently holds four crystal ball predictions for the Georgia Bulldogs and one for the Florida State Seminoles from 247Sports while On3's ...

  • With the end of the non-contact period now over, the Gators are back to the recruiting grind this weekend.

9. New Crystal Ball for Jordan Phillips....a DT!!! - MGoBlog

  • Apr 22, 2021 · The Michigan 247 guys have been gushing about him for couple weeks now (he was completely unranked before the 247 update this week). Basically a ...

  • You read that right. We have a crystal ball in for a DT and guess what, he can play DT.   Jordan Phillips - 6-3 290lbs 3 star out of Florida. 

Jordan Hall 247 Crystal Ball (2024)
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